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Two players from EBFC selected to the 2018 NPSL Showcase

By: East Bay FC staff

East Bay FC's Ali Radmand and Isaiah Dairo were selected to participate for the All-West team at the annual NPSL Player Showcase, in its fourth year. Dairo a forward and winger for the Stompers is coming off of his sophomore season playing soccer for the Lumberjacks of Humboldt State University.   Radmand who primarily plays in the midfield also fills time in the outside defender position was recently selected to the Alianza de Futbol combine as one of the top u22 players in the nation.


The purpose of the NPSL Player Showcase is to reward players for their commitment to their teams and the NPSL. To be selected, players must have played in the NPSL in the previous season. In order to give back to the players, the NPSL puts together the showcase at no expense to the players once they get on-site. The NPSL provides lodging, food, transport, team gear and more.


The showcase has returned to the sunshine state after last year’s tournament being held in Carson, Calif. at the StubHub Center. The event will take place in Orlando, Fla. on January 13-15, 2018. Players will be grouped into four teams of Northeast, South, Midwest, and West regions.


On Saturday, the regional teams will break out in to their training sessions.  The following two days will be a tournament starting on Sunday, with the West vs. Northeast and South vs. Midwest.   Monday will feature the winners from the previous contest will play against each other in the championship and the losers from Sunday will play prior to the championship in the consolation game.


There will be a player’s dinner with a keynote speaker who will offer valuable insight to the players. Most importantly, the showcase will give the players the opportunity to display their talents on the field with the chance to impress pro coaches, scouts and agents, with a chance to achieve their dream of getting to the next level and signing a pro contract.

Ali Radmand and Isaiah Dairo had this to say about being chosen to participate in the showcase and being members of the Stompers organization.


“I am fortunate enough to be invited to the NPSL Showcase for the second time.  I feel that my hard work, determination, and dedication are big reasons why I have been able to get invited back.  I enjoy playing with the Stompers and my dream is to make it to becoming a professional soccer player.  The Stompers organization from top to bottom push to help their players achieve that goal.  That is one of the things I enjoy about the club, is that they have my best interest in mind.  No matter what my future has in store for me I will always be a Stomper.“


— Ali Radmand


“I have wanted to be a part of the the NPSL Showcase since it started a few years ago.  Finally being invited is a huge honor and I am grateful to the NPSL for this opportunity.  Being able to attend the showcase and represent my club East Bay FC Stompers is a dream I will never forget”


— Isaiah Dairo


Isaiah has been with the Stompers since the club entered the NPSL in 2012 and signed at the young age of 15 years old.  He now has 6 seasons of NPSL experience under his belt. 


“Our first goal was to help develop his raw natural ability and passion for the game to get Isaiah to the point where he could get a college scholarship.  I am very proud to say that is one accomplishment we can check off the list.  Our next goal is not only to see him get his college degree but hopefully sign on the dotted line for that first professional soccer contract.  Isaiah is a coach’s dream, he is very talented, very respectful, very hard working, and a joy to be around as an individual,” said Stompers GM Billy Forte.

Ali Radmand has been playing in the NPSL since he was 17 years old with the Sacramento Gold.  He had been training with the Gold for years before that.  He came over last season to the East Bay FC Stompers at 19 years old and was instantly taken in by the organization and his teammates.


“The first thing I noticed about Ali was his raw ability with the ball at his feet that struck me as unorthodox and more of a street soccer or futsal style.  I was later informed that Ali had been playing street soccer since he was a little kid.  I tend to look towards the unorthodox player when I am signing players.  When the Radmand family had informed me that they had wanted to join the Stompers, I had thought he will fit right in.  The one thing I was not aware of was the work ethic Ali has instilled in himself.  One day I was in Sacramento and the kid was training by himself for 2 hours in 105 degree weather.  I was told this is his normal training routine.  A lot of players have that dream of playing pro soccer but not everyone can implement the discipline and dedication that it takes to make it, this kid does,” also stated by the Stompers GM Billy Forte.

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